What is uv22hr, when do I use it and for what.

What is this UV22HR plug in for? is it an EQ? a compressor? something else? do I use it during mixing or in mastering? In plain English please.

It‘ s a dither pougin and should be explained in the plugin reference pdf.

Plugin even.

In the Cubase manual yes it says it’s used for dithering, whatever that is, and also that it should be applied post fader. But it doesn’t say much else so maybe you can spare some minutes of your time and actually answer some of my specific questions:

a) What exactly does dithering do?
b) Do I use it in every instrument bus or in a final bus (a bus before the global ‘stereo out’ bus) ?
c) Do I use it during mixing or is it intended to be used for mastering, as in, to use on a final track that you have previously exported as your final mix?

Thank you for your time.

Dither is basically a low level noise introduced to mask and randomize quantization errors.

It should be the very last step in the mastering process, when going from 32 or 24 bit to 16 bit.

Thank you!