What is VSTAudioEngine?

What is this process please? (on mac). Is it aSteinberg install item? I had to kill it to get Dorico Pro 4 to boot after purcahsing and installing v4.3.30.

Upon Mac reboot that process is no longer there… Thanks !

Welcome to the forum, David. Yes, VST Audio Engine is the process that provides all of the VST and audio services to Dorico. Dorico starts it up when it begins, and shuts it down when Dorico itself quits.

Note that if Dorico ‘unexpectedly quits’ (i.e. crashes), then it can leave the VST Audio Engine hanging; and when Dorico tries to launch again, it gets stuck, because it can’t start the VST Engine for the new session.

As you’ve found out, killing the VST Engine will allow Dorico to start up normally.

The real issue is to find out why Dorico crashed in the first place!