What is your 2nd DAW of choice?

Hello Cubasians,

I love Cubase and I’m using it since the great Atari days in the nineties.

I use Ableton Live as a second DAW. It’s my sketchbook for new ideas (quickly throwing in some loops) and I use it for live sequencing with my band. Although I’ve experienced that Cubase is live more stable, the scene play features of Ableton make it more suitable for live use. (And I don’t want to bother about a dongle playing live).

I’ve tried Logic, Cakewalk/Sonar and Fruity Loops, but it’s not for me. Don’t understand why ProTools is still an industry standard.

My 2nd one is Cubase, too. 6.5

It would be Studio One if the free or Artist versions could use external vst instruments.

Actually I do not need a 2nd DAW

Windows Sound Recorder. I hope I never have to steep that low though. :wink:

Personally, I wouldn’t bother having a second DAW. I use one DAW and one notation program. I’m looking forward to Steinberg’s notation stuff since they hired the Sibelius staff and their current notation in Cubase is completely unusable.

Renoise… www.renoise.com

You can integrate this with Cubase.

Thats because in the early 90s I did a lot of stuff with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scream_Tracker for my demo group (where I was coder, too).

Also, I tried S1 for a while, but it’s far from being complete and not yet fully usable.