What is your 2nd DAW of choice?

Aloha guys,

Yes we all use/love/hate/tolerate Cubase but if you have/use one,
what is you second DAW?

To stay somewhat compatible with the industry, my 2nd
DAW has always been ProTools but recently I have been trying out
the latest version of Logic.

It has some nice things/features/sounds going on, but it will never replace Cubase
for me and won’t even become number 2 in my arsenal.

Just wondering what you guys use as a #2?

TIA Thanks in advance)

Same as the first…Cubase :confused:

Ableton Live, but only as a supplement, not a substitute.
Live has certain features that aren’t present in cubase (particularly useful in creating electronic music). cubase and live can really complement each other.

Cubase is my second daw.

Aloha curteye,

I took up the Digital Performer 8 cross-grade offer a few months ago after trying the demo, and for a while was seriously thinking of switching. It has a very different workflow, but one that makes sense once you spend time with it - it also seems to run more smoothly on a Mac than C7, and themes are great. But expression maps, the score editor, chord track, included instruments, etc. etc. (not to forget this forum) made me decide to stay with Cubase as my primary DAW. I’ll keep DP as a second DAW though, not least for the quality of the included plugins.

I did buy Logic X because it’s fairly cheap and I’ve got a lot of old Logic projects. But I still don’t like the way that it handles multi-timbral instruments, and am becoming less happy about being locked into Apple.

Hi All

I used to use Logic for about 8 years before it went mac only, then changed to Cubase. I used REAPER to do all my stage backtracks which were, back then, mainly General Midi, which it handled pretty well and it really has come on to become a good backup for me, particularly when I have had to do live recordings and don’t want to unplug the dongle(cos I’m stupid and will lose it!!), I just dow the multitrack recordiung and drag them into Cubase for editing and mixing. so…REAPER is my second DAW, but a distant second to Cubase which I use every day.




I don’t have a 2nd DAW, but I’ve long been impressed with PT; it seems to be able to do some common sense things, particularly routing moves, that Cubase doesn’t

Only have cubase too I’m happy with that…be interested to see what reaper can do for the price.

Cubase 6.5

Cubasis first then Cubase 5.

tried Reason, sonar, ableton, logic but always went back to cubase for some reason or another ( think Midi capabilities if im honest), the only daw I would use a 2nd would be logic if they didnt make it Mac only!

Dr. T’s KCS or Babya Logic Pro.

I don’t have a second DAW, but I used Cool edit Pro, PT M-powered 7 and a free Cakewalk express a long time ago.

I hear ya;
but Landru did have a ‘way kool’ purple robe. :slight_smile:

I use presonus studio one on jobs that are vocals with backing track only. the integration with melodyne is superb and makes everything else seem slow and primitive! but Cubase 7 is still the main man for all jobs involving recording bands etc. ed

I have neither time nor desire for a 2nd DAW.
I suppose, under pressure (from others around me), I’d reluctantly switch to ProTools.
Otherwise, even if Cubase were discontinued, I think I’d still be using whatever version for quite some time.

Why do you ask?

Apple is the Anti-Christ!!!

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It’s always a wise thing to have a second DAW.

My first/Primary DAW is Cubase 7 (PC)

My 2nd DAW of Choice is … ? Still can’t decide which one :slight_smile:

I’m considering Bitwig Studio (once it is finally released). Also thinking about DP8 (PC)

Any suggestions ?