What is your DAW/Upgrade advice

Dear Steinberg community,

This is my current DAW
Intel Core i7-3770
16GB RAM 1600 Hz
500 HDD
Integrated Intel video card

Due to recent events, I might have to change my current DAW to a different one and am currently considering purchasing a cheaper and less powerful one; it felt like while working and editing on Cubase and/or recording approx 32 channels I did not use my DAW to full capability, and more than 70% of its resources were not involved.

This made me curious - 1) what DAW do you have and 2) does it manage to successfully handle the tasks it supposed to? Can Cubase successfully work with multi-quad processors?

I am also curious what OS are you using, as I am not quite satisfied how Win8 works (and its design, in a whole, is very repellent to me), so I was considering jumping back to Win 7. Any opinions on that?

I am really looking forward to seeing some opinions here.
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Which version of Cubase (DAW) are you now using?

7.0.6, am planning to upgrade to 7.5

Yes, Cubase will work fine with quad core and six core processors.

Windows 8 is actually great for audio production - there ar e many write ups on what makes it a great OS for audio production. I would go with it. Windows 7 is going to go away, like it or not. Get ahead of the curve. Get win8, and install the $3 application startisback, and you’ll bypass the start screen entirely. If you aren’t running metro apps, you don’t need to even think about it.

Win 8 allows for very in depth tweaking and is much more well suited to SSD operation than windows 7. Additionally, its memory handling is top notch and I have seen it work great for audio production on machines built for clients (and my own machine).

There are lots of factors when building an audio machine, and plenty of DIYs and write ups on how to do so. It comes down to components, and if they are well suited to audio, the type of RAM you use, type of hard drives, if your motherboard is going to play nicely with what you want to accomplish, the front side bus of your motherboard, the video card you choose, the cooling you choose, case style, and etc.

You can do it, take your time, do your research, and don’t skimp (if you can). Good luck!