What is your panning habits?

I usually pan a melody more or less like this:

strings/pads - left/right - 60s
Leads - left/right - 30s
FX - left/right - 20s
Bass - center - mono
Kick - center - mono
Snare - center
top loops/hihats - left/right - 20s

I would like to know about your panning habits? Am I to narrow in my panning in your opinion?

What do you mean by 30s, 60s?
There is: 50L…C…50R

Sorry but you are not correct. The range goes from 100 L to 100 R, take a look at the panning on the channel. What I mean by 60s is a range between 60 to 69% out of the possible 100%.

So please anyone tell me about your panning habits?

Since the low stuff is less directional I generally put the bass & kick center. Beyond that anything can go anywhere depending on what sounds best. Usually (but not even close to always) the most important elements are on or near the center. If 2 instruments are covering the same frequency range I put them on opposite sides so they are distinct from each other, unless I want them to sound like a single composite sound. I frequently use the Combined Stereo Panner because it helps keep different Tracks from masking each other creating a more transparent mix.