What kind of a manual will be available ?

Like everyone else, I’m counting the days until Wednesday. Sibelius had a printed manual, which I personally loved. I don’t suppose any printed books will be available for Dorico. I have other Sternberg products and they usually have a tutorial video but sometimes just reading a manual in peace can go a long way to help teach you a program which I think will need a lot of explaining to those who have been using Sibelius or Finale for the last 10 odd years. I know it won’t be included but maybe as an extra purchase at some point it might be a nice thing. Printed material is out these days, pity. Anyways I hope the tutorials are clear so we can get under way quickly. And of course congratulations to Daniel and the whole team for bringing notation into the 21st century.

You will be able to check out the Dorico documentation online from Wednesday morning at www.steinberg.help (it won’t work before Wednesday morning, though).

There will also be a series of short tutorial videos that I filmed recently in Hamburg available on the Dorico YouTube channel from Wednesday as well.

Are we talking Wed morning Vienna time, London time, or EDT?

We’re talking Wednesday morning Hamburg time, so around 9am CEST.

So that means that it would be 3am EDT in the eastern part of the United States and 8am in London, if I’m correct.

That’s correct, provided everything goes according to plan!

Best wishes to you and your team for a spectacular launch!

Is there a format for a single download of the entire manual?

For myself, it would be nice to see ePub (Mac iBooks) and PDF formats. I assume that others might want formats that are compatible with Windows, Kindle, etc.

While the documentation evolves quickly alongside the application, I’d anticipate it will be online-only for the short-term. We’ll discuss other formats with the documentation team once we get a bit further down the line and certainly discuss those you mentioned.