What License to purchase

We have a lab of computers with cubase 10 and want to add more but not upgrade the version of cubase (to keep things consistent until a time we can do the whole room).

What license can we purchase that will allow us to create eLicensers that will work on version 10 ? I dont see a way of getting a version 10 license.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You didn’t mention the Cubase 10 edition you are using. Is it Cubase Pro?

In any case, at this moment you can buy Cubase 12 only. If you buy a new license (not an update), you will not get Cubase 11 license, which you could install to the USB-eLicenser.

With Cubase 12 license, you get 3 seats for every single license. So you can use it on up to 3 computers. That means, just by updating yours Cubase 10 license, you would get 3 times more licenses to use, comparison to the current situation.

Hi Martin, thanks for getting back so quick.

It’s Cubase elements 10 we have on the system at the moment. I suspect we may upgrade the lot during next year but wanted to see if there was a way of getting 10 more computers going concurrently with version 10 till then.

We are a school that needs device licenses or dongles that can move about easily, rather than user licenses as we have way more users than computers. Are the three licenses you get with version 12 device licenses or do they need to be linked to a login?


The licenses are linked to the MySteinberg user name and the computer. So for one license (bind to the MySteinberg account) you can use up to 3 computers.

Many thanks again, this is great !

Sorry, I have just realised, you are talking about the EDU licenses. Cubase 12 EDU are not available yet.