What Mac hardware do you use with Cubase 6?

I’ve been using Cubase 6 on a Windows 64-bit system but have been having unresolved problems. I was wondering what Mac hardware you are using with Cubase 6 that has been giving you a successful experience? I have a Yamaha Motif XF8 with a firewire interface in the keyboard.

Macbook Pro–iMac–Macbook Air–Mac mini???
Core i3 - i5 -i7 ???
Do any of the above come standard with FW?
HD speed: 5400 or 7800 RPM or SSD drive???
Audio cards, or just what comes standard with your Mac

I have a spare flat screen monitor I’d like to hook up to.

Any other considerations???

Can you buy anything usable straight out of the box from a store like Bestbuy, or better to order online and tweak?

Thanks for your help.


That’s quite a big question! Totally depends on your requirements, but as always when buying a new comp get the best spec you can afford. The only thing to avoid I’d say is using onboard sound and 5400 drives. As far as I know, most macs come with fw but that’s easy for you to check.

You can see my spec in my sig. MBP works great for smaller projects when on the road, but I wouldn’t recommend one as your main system, but then you requirements may not be as demanding as mine!

Aloha J,
Steve is right. Depends.

I have been using macs for years but I must admit that when
I sit in front of my buddy’s PC running C6, I am right at home.

I realize that since XP and now W7 and soon W8, the platform
is much less important to me than in past years.

What ever you get, get the best stuff you can find.

Just as a lil reference: iMac using the internal hard drive (7200) rpm.

1-I can get 40 vst’s (vst collection) with 12
stereo audio tracks going for a ten minute song with no probs.

2- 24 stereo audio tracks with 12 vsti’s for a ten minute song with
no probs.

I use a Yamaha/Steinberg n12 audio I/O mixing desk.


I think dedicated HDD’s are essential for larger sample libraries. I upgraded from an iMac to a MacPro and it’s a whole different ballgame. But my tower is a very noisy one. Disturbingly so. I miss the quiet of my iMac.

More important than raw horsepower is the audio interface. If the drivers are well-written it will free up resources, especially at lower latencies.

Contrary to mainstream opinion, I still think that Windows is shite. I can’t say that our machines crash a lot, but it is a lot of little niggles that get really irritating over time. Like not being able to address the printer when waking up from sleep and having to reboot, like not being able to access the internet because of some intrusive AVS, and a lot of other minor stuff.

My specs are in my sig. Cheers.