What mean is the "K" of K button?

As everyone knows
When you long click (or Alt + click) the E button of mix console, the VST screen opens and K is displayed on the button.
What does this “K” stand for?
I want to know the meaning.

I think that it is showing that you can go straight to the edit of a VST…could be wrong.

But what word describes that with a K?


…something in German that didn’t get translated? Maybe one of those excellent German words that don’t have a direct translation.

That’s what I always assumed.

Back before Apple bought Logic when it ran on PCs there were odd bits of German scattered throughout the program. :confused:

The “K” of Klose Instrument, they probably tested the function on Kontakt.

K tells you it’s for opening the VSTi plugin. That is, the instrument editor. Not sure why “K” but @Hurmpie provided a possible explanation.

100% KAPOW!

it is just “K” for “Knob”.

Hahaha! Brilliant!

K for Keyboard Instrument??


i asked a Steinberg Official. It is a left-over from the original German Version.

It means “K” for “Keine Ahnung”. Which is German for “No Idea”. The button will be labled “N” in the next Fix.

Cheers, Ernst


Is that a real explanation? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it meant “Kedit Kinstrument” – isn’t that obvious?

I like the K and how it appears when a new instrument track is created. Maybe it stands for the K in liKe? Will this puzzle ever be solved?

I prefer kapow!

And all this time I’ve been thinking it was short for Kablamo…

Hmm … It seems difficult to judge what this correct answer is.
According to what Elien posted, this one seems to change to “N” icon someday.
Thank you guys!

Actually perhaps we should petition Steinberg to develop this button. Perhaps to be pressed when we have run out of ideas and it could present us with something like Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies?