What mic is used for the lead singer in this video?

I use a Shure Beta 87a for my lead vocal and really like the quality. What is Jason Upton singing through in this video? I’ve noticed he uses this particular Mic at a lot of places that he is at. I also really like the reverb setting, particularly at the end of the video where he is singing solo… A beautiful reverb sound, it must be a convolution reverb? I have particularly found the French stone chapel setting in REVerence to be really useful for our live sets.

Thank you for helping me figure out the Mic.



Love Jason Upton! Great voice

Funny, I thought that WAS a Beta87… :question:

Not sure… do they have different colors? Mine has the silver windscreen cover with a blue ring around the center of it, that one in the video has a dark grey wind screen, perhaps older models were different? Yes… Jason Upton has a wonderful voice for sure. He has been an inspiration to my wife and I as we lead worship. Got to talk to him once when he came to the Church we were at, I had the chance to ask him then what he used…but forgot to… ha.



Audio Technica AE 5400.

I do believe it is the Audio-Technica AE5400 … looking at the design and seeing it in many other videos of him with more close ups.

Does anyone know or have experience about the feedback rejection of the AE5400 vs my Beta 87a that I use?


Get a grip!!!

99.9999999999999999999999% of the beautiful sound in this video is Jason Upton. Buying identical gear to what Jason Upton sings through buddy is NOT going to make you sound like Jason Upton despite the constant pressure by the Music gear marketing industry telling you otherwise.

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I never said anything about me trying to “sound” like Jason Upton, he has his own unique voice, and it’s a wonderful one at that. I simply liked how the mic sounded in this recording and when I’ve heard him sing live in person as well. There is no pressure from anyone on buying gear.

Simply just wanted to know what the mic was, and it has been figured out. Have a wonderful day.


The mic sounded like Jason Upton. Would you like how the mic sounded if a dyslexic convulsing alley cat with intense toothache was screeching though it? of course not. You think a mic sounds good because someone with a great voice is singing through it? Stop fooling yourself. Take up knitting.

What you’re hearing in that video isn’t just the mic. It’s also the mixer pre amps, EQ, and FX. The entire signal chain should be taken into consideration before judging the performance of the mic itself.

Agreed! :smiley: The signal chain is a major part too. What good is it to have a high quality mic without being able to carry through? For the record, I do know that you can make a lower quality mic sound good, but the large diaphragm ones will capture more detail, which can be good or bad of course, depending on the quality of the singer, and to the average listening ear people will not even know what you are talking about.

I have also heard Jason sing through wireless SM58’s, and of course it still sounded like Jason, but there is a difference when one uses a large diaphragm like this one.

Again, I just wanted to know the mic he was using in the video. Thanks for the input.


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Well… I only wanted to know what kind of mic it was, and didn’t call for the garbage mouth stuff and it certainly wasn’t needful for the topic. I also certainly know there is more than the mic that counts for a good vocal, as I have already posted before, you can have great recordings from less quality mics.

Again, the topic was, what kind of mic is used, not garbage mouth talk being sarcastic.

Have a wonderful day.


You’re both making assumptions. Just because someone wishes to know what equipment people use does not mean by default that they must also think the same equipment means that they do not have to put in the hard work. I can’t understand why you would just jump to conclusions based on assumptions rather than evidence. I’ve re-read Gary’s original post and there’s nothing in there that indicates he thinks having one part of the same equipment would improve his actual technique.


The more I ponder the highlighted question above, the more I DO want to hear what “a dyslexic convulsing alley cat with intense toothache” sounds like through a good mic. :mrgreen:

so in that case why post ? derail another topic ? Actually if I look through the lounge I don’t think there is a topic you haven’t replied on and half of the reply’s are in the BRAINS category .
Are you the custodian of the lounge and feel the need to comment on everything even thou you “don’t look - don’t really care enough” ?

I wouldn’t of know what mike it was the singer was using but as said before it would be useful to know what else was in the signal chain to make his style sound :wink:

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+1 agree ;D