What midi hardware do you use, works ?

I use 4 MOTU Midi Timepieces networked for a total of 32 in/outs. Windows 7 PC “sees” them in 2 groups of 16.

I have been using these with Cubase only since 1997 with rarely any issues.

Greggybud thanks I see guitar center has one for sale $80…my slave PC is on the motu 2408 with 3 adat banks into my master PC, 24ai AVB adat in.

Where would I insert the timepiece in the chain would it simply run an adat loop with the slave 2408 ,

How does it lock to my 24ai?

I should clarify I also need to lock transport of slave PC…with VST system link.

Sorry, I’m not using a slave or the gear you are using. I need 4 units mostly because of synthesizers and some outboard hardware. Maybe contact MOTU?

With 4 Midi Timepieces, at least 2 of them need to be usb. (you can network a usb to a old non-usb and save money because those old ones sell for very cheap) The network connection is on the back of each where it says rs-422 where you network 2 of them. Then network 2 more. Therefore you have 2 usb outputs coming from the 4 midi timepieces into the usb of your PC.

Windows 7 will see both usb inputs. Therefore you will have 2 midi timepiece windows open (2 sets of 16)where you can do appropriate patching. Keep in mind you can not patch something from the first set to the 2nd set.

I see , well motu support ( nice people ) had nothing to help other than try older drivers or log in as another user. It’s gone from bad to worse now.

I appreciate all of the replies but I don’t think I discovered anyone else using the 128 and Windows.

I have ordered iconnectivity midi 10, similar to the timepiece described however no drivers required, and 2 USB ports which will run two PC at once and share midi between them via usb.

This should allow a tight midi machine lock of transports so I can run film video on the Slave…

Will update everyone once I set it up

Have you tried posting this at Gearslutz? Motu Midi Express and Cubase is a pretty common combination and there are lots of users there.

That’s a good idea I haven’t but at this point it’s so broken that it might be a case where my MOBO is the issue, so I ordered a class compliant iconnectivity midi device to replace motu

Well happy to report that I have been trying the Iconnectivity 10 midi I/o , removed motu drivers, and so far it’s working perfect, no drivers required . Cubase no longer hangs on exit. Midi is showing up on every boot.

And best of all this device has two USB ports so it connecting my master to slave pc and locking the transports ( slave runs video) … :sunglasses:

Also called customer service and they picked up the phone , were professional, and helped me figure out the routing.