What midi hardware do you use, works ?

Having a lot of trouble with cubase 8.5 and motu midi express 128 hardware, of which the driver had not been updated in years.

Upon start up about 50 % of the time one of these issues occur:
All channels frozen ( lit up on 128 device ) btw I tried a different 128 device I have 4.
128 Midi does not load in cubase, it’s gone in the device window
Midi shows in devices in cubase however if doesn’t work, transmit to my gear.

A restart of cubase, or restart of the PC, or reloading drivers will fix it…the solution is random


I’m using the smaller MOTU Express version (5 MIDI Ports). No problem on Mac. MOTU is the most stable MIDI Device I ever have.

Thanks Martin I hope to hear from others, maybe it’s a windows issue.

Are you sure that its not a cable problem

I wish…ruled that out. What works for you?

8x8 midi interface no problems windows 10.

It’s NLA but still good to know , thx, I am looking at Iconnectivity midi online…might go that route

I doubt very much that is has anything to do with the Motu 128. More likely is that USB ports gets turned off to conserve power, look at advanced power settings.
Or that you are using a usb3 port or a hub ?

Yes have a 10 port hub that is USB 3, I tried running the motu direct into PC and still had issues…i don’t think it’s a power setting since the issue only happens on boot up…on occasion …but I will take a look…

I think it’s the motu drivers, because a driver reinstall restores it to normal, drivers haven’t beeen updated in three years…that’s a little suspect

I used to get a similar issue years ago and got round it by only plugging the motu unit in when it was actually needed, that way it would always pick up the driver with no issues.
Obviously though you need reasonable access to either end of the usb cable for it to be an easy workaround.
hope that’s of some help.

Thx… I have a lot of external gear so it’s needed ever time but maybe booting up first, then plug in the motu , then launch cubase will reduce the errors, is this what you did when needed? I do have easy access to the USB.

Yep that’s exactly what i did, still do actually as i’m using external synths less and less these days, 9/10 times though i fire up cubase and THEN remember to fire the motu up… unfortunately you have to quit cubase and fire the motu up first as cubase won’t pick it up if you do it the other way round…

I have been having issues with an Akai Advance 25, a well built keyboard with good integration when it works. Frequently, MIDI vanishes

I have been told/heard that the quality of a SUB cable connection matters. I am not sure if its true, but should be ruled out


I shall try this

BTW I’m using a cheap miditech 4x4, it is class compliant and does not need drivers.

You might have solved this… :sunglasses: …so far it’s working great if I boot up and then plug in motu midi…will test through the weekend.

But what does this tell us, I really think the motu drivers and windows do not work well together. I don’t think it’s cubase.

Also I was getting random Audio static as if my word clock was malfunctioning along with the midi issue, I have motu avb audio cards…that also seems to be gone now.

Nice one!

Glad to see it’s working for you too, i’ve not had one failure in many years with this method.

Focusrite 2i4 virus ti, nordlead2x, cubase8. DOES NOT WORK!
They work separately but together they crash!
I have contacted all brands and they just send me to the other third party to fix it! :laughing:

It’s back , this method has reduced the error rate, but after a week of daily studio use, I am seeing the same issues.

Will call motu tech support Monday but I think I Am going to have to try another brand midi device. I doubt 3 year old drivers can be saved, it’s too bad motu does not continue to support the express 128, I will post an update once this is sorted out.

fwiw, Motu Midi Timepiece works flawlessly here on win7. Never had any problems with it actually.

I’m still using the Steinberg Midex 8, which is working great on the latest version of Windows 10. :wink:

Kind regards

James Colah