What more do I have to do?

I have registered my SX3 software, I have registered with this web sight, reregistered to post, I have updated windows 7pro, I have downloaded Drivers, I have downloaded and received my eLc control, I have performed everything requested and suggested and watched countless videos, installed my hardware, and am left waiting for my “Activation Code” when all I was supplied in my retail version was a “Authorization Number”…

I have a Dell OptiPlex 790 desk top, I7 core, windows 7pro 64 bit, 12GB RAM, 1 TB HD, 3.4 Ghz , and trying to connect it to a M-audio Fast Track ultra.

When I go to load Cubase SX3 software is where all my troubles begin. Disc wont load completely, NO return contact from Steinberg or eLc for “Activation Code”. Im wondering did purchase correct product here? Why is this soooo difficult? Hours and hours without success… Any help would be appreciated.

This is 2015?

I originally installed it on an older comp and now wish to put the SX3 software on new comp. Steinberg shows it as active, but does NOT show the “Activation Number” on the package or contents, only “Authorization Number”… I paid for it and now want to use it. Have serial, EAN # and P/N… I also don’t know if the hardware section list applies, because it makes no sense and does not list anything Im familiar with… so I left it alone. What is “series”?? Where is this information located??? Is it necessary? I read the book and it says after eLc information was sent that Activation code would be supplied… and NADDA…

They said that its already registered. Information was placed on USB key. So why wont the disc finish loading on the new computer?? So where is this “quick customer support team”?