What music genres do you make with Cubase?

Hey Cubase fam,

I’m Michael, and together with my friend we made the website Equipboard, a music gear community & encyclopedia. We have the largest database on the Web of the gear artists use, and every artist on the site has pretty extensive genre mappings, so we thought we would do something fun (and possibly a little controversial)…

I’ll focus on Cubase since this is a Steinberg forum. We took tens of thousands of artists using cubase, and compiled their genres to see what kinds of musicians use Cubase versus other DAWs.

Now I know what some are thinking - this is silly, any DAW can be used to make any genre… and I agree! Really, any music gear can be used for any genre, and it’s often the unexpected use of something that can lead to awesome results.

So I want to stress that we’re not taking a stance on what DAWs should be used for what genres, but only that the existing usage data based on tens of thousands of artists paints an interesting picture!

You can see the Cubase infographic attached to this thread, and see the full graphic for all the DAWs here

What do you think? Is this about what you would have expected? What genres of music do you make, and does it match up to our data?