What new MediaBay does exactly?

If I uninstall Steinberg MediaBay (versions 1.0.20, 1.0.30), then I see all presets that are relevant to Halion Sonic 7. Summarily it’s about 6500, they all are accessible in load panel of HS7. But if I run Steinberg Download Manager, it automatically installs newest Steinberg MediaBay, then HS7 load panel shows that there are only about 1400 presets. So I don’t see Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk and some other packs.
Does new MediaBay restricts HS7 to load only Halion Sonic content even omitted presets are loadable only in HS?

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Hi, good question!
The new mediabay allows you synchronised metadata across different programs. For example: If you favorite a sound in HALion, it will get the same rating in HALion Sonic and Cubase.
If you uninstall the Steinberg MediaBay, HALion will fall back on it’s old, local database. This is inaccessible to other programs. Also some other features in search and discovery might not work as expected.
Hope this clears this up a little bit.


Okay, thank you!
But why the new MediaBay hides 3/4 of presets? Okay, one half it hides are unavailable at the moment (dongle not plugged in, so license isn’t accessible), but Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk and some others I bought separately should appear in new MediaBay. Right?

Yes, they should all show up.
If not, first thing for troubleshooting would be to make sure all VSTSounds are up to date.
Open the Steinberg Download Assistant and wait a while. It will scan your installed vstsound files and check if there is an update. It does this in the background, so you need some patience as nothing indicates that it is doing something ( I know, not ideal, but we work on this).
After a while though, it should offer the updates for download on the left side.
If this does not solve the issue, please get in touch with support.

that’s interesting - does it use the locations of the vstsounds from the Steinberg Library Manager ?

Mine are spread over various drives and the Download Assistant seems to have no idea what I actually have installed but the Library Manager obviously does.

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You got me there, technically the scanning is done by the Library Manager. But the Downloadmanager then checks what is available online.
And your observation is correct, the Download Assistant does not always know that files on another volume are already installed. There is still lot’s of work to do, but what we got so far is already way more convenient (according to feedback) then cobbling everything together by hand, as in the old days. (You could still do it by hand though, if you enjoy these kind of copy, paste, install activities :wink: )

are you saying that the download manager won’t show me a list of updated vstsounds because it doesn’t know where they are ?

obviously all these apps (download manager/library manager/activation manager etc etc) need to be rolled into one

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Yes and no. The Download Manager asks the Library Manager, but it won’t know on its own. So once all this is done, all vstsounds that are registered with the Library Manager and require an update should be offered by the Download Assistant.


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All my VSTsounds are up to date.
I’m not sure Steinberg support will help. I already have one similar ticket about licenses and no result even there was a connection to my computer using TeamViewer.
So, I just checked - also Flux presets are hidden if MediaBay is installed. When I uninstall it, all is visible and loadable - Flux, Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance, Dark Planet, Symphonic Orchestra…
See? Flux isn’t downloadable nor updatable separately. And this happens on both my computers (laptop and desktop).

Flux would be offered as an individual update if one is available. So we can assume that you are up to date.

But let’s work with Flux as example and make sure at least that one is up to date.
You can check the vstsound version in the Library Manager, Flux should be at V2.

Also an important question for any further troubleshooting, are you on macOS or Windows? Each has it’s own quirks regarding file access.

Yeah, sorry, not pointed before. I’m on Windows (laptop win10pro, desktop win11home)

In Library Manager Flux is registered, v2 and size is the same you have in pic.

I remember there was Flux update probably earlier this year and it was in Updates → VST Sounds as you have pictured in first image.

All my vstsounds are on drive D:. Can it cause an issue for Steinberg tools? As a programmer I’m sure that if Library Manager has a link to sound library and the registration is in Windows Registry, then any of your software could be capable to reach any registered sound library. What I have today - it’s a nonsense. I really need to rate sounds in new MediaBay, but it’s very inconvenient to uninstall it when I need to access all my library and in this case all rates made for new MediaBay aren’t accessible in old MediaBay. The further we go, the worse it gets!

Another strange thing - when new MediaBay is installed and I run Cubase and it’s MediaBay, all my 6 thousand sounds are accessible. Only Halion Sonic 7 show some 14 hundreds of them.

First picture: HS and it’s MediaBay + preset selector from the header bar.

Look in my picture - if I open old style preset selection window, there is Flux and other libraries I have. Flux has its 125 presets. But in HS MediaBay you see that Flux should be somewhere between Eagle and Guitar Harmonics, but it isn’t there. And as you see I have loaded a preset “Active Jiggler” from Flux and it works.

Second picture - MediaBay itself.

Here you see that Flux is present and has all its 125 presets selectable.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything that is responsible on sound libraries and registration/licensing. I didn’t reinstall Cubase itself, but I’m not sure it will help. When your supportman was connected to my laptop, he renamed all Steinberg folders in system to be sure that every piece will create new configuration. And no results.

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This is strange indeed.
And you assume correctly that reinstalling Cubase would not help anything here.
Also having the files on a different drive is usually no problem on Windows as application specific permissions are not as strict as on macOS.
You probably already tried it, but just to make sure. Do Flux etc. appear if you leave HALion open for a while?

Edit: You mention two computers, do you have the issue on both machines?

Okay, I will leave it open for hours while cutting grass. (EDIT: after an hour still the same: 1434 presets instead of 6671)

No, desktop computer I mentioned have the same problem with licensing (why I contacted support team), but it doesn’t share the same MediaBay problem. Except that with new MediaBay there are 6652 presets shown in HS7 while with old MediaBay there are 6653 presets, but I think I can live without that one preset :slight_smile:

For sure my laptop is only for sketches while I’m out of studio and it isn’t that serious as desktop. But anyway I would like to sketch things having almost the same setup as desktop.

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I delete the MediaBay’s database - the file mediabay3.db (50 MB) in folder %appdata%\Steinberg\Steinberg MediaBay Server, then I start standalone HS7 and the server created new database (48 MB) and now HS7 shows me all I have installed - 6670 presets.

So it seems that existing database was corrupted somehow and nothing helped except delete and let it create new one and collect presets.

BTW now I know what new MediaBay does :slight_smile: Thank you, @Philippe_Bono :slight_smile:


Very good news, glad that you solved it. :+1:

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