What on earth is this noise?


New user here (from Pro Tools), and I love it!

I’m having an issue though. I’m making a simple demo using all VST’s, and I keep getting very random digital noises / pops both when I playback and bounce the tracks in audio mixdown.

I have a FocusRite Clarett 8Pre (slave) connected to an 8PreX (master) via ADAT, and everything seems to be connected properly and is synced at 48KHz.

I set my latency to 1024 when I bounced the tracks, and I still get the noises. My CPU is barely being used, and I have 64GB of RAM. There don’t be seem to any clocking issues, but I’m just not sure.

Is there a way to send someone a couple audio files to they can listen and tell me what it may be?

Any help would be appreciated.

Just post your example to Soundcloud (or similar).

In the meantime, double check that not just the sync but the sample rate for everything is set to 48KHz.