What plugin can display dynamic range?

Hi - I have been learning about the MModernCompressor and its main display is a dynamic range meter, a histogram. I would like to know what other plugins can be used to measure dynamic range - do all of you know of any? Cubase may have one, and I just don’t know that yet? Thanks!

IK Multimedia Metering (TR5) and BrainWorx BX_Meter. Both use a sort of ‘floating bar’ indicator (which I find very useful, BTW), common for dynamic range display.
I don’t remember any included plugins having it.

MAAT DRMeter MK I or MK II will do this, but it’s quite expensive.

Really appreciate your replies! IK Multimedia Metering is pretty cool. The MAAT DRMeter and BX_Meters are both good, but seems just too expensive for what they do, for me. The BX does not really explain just what the dynamics display really is. While searching also found MLoudnessAnalyzer and like its price and comes with very handy other things, but it is not as easy for the inexperienced to understand, makes my head hurt, in a few years maybe can understand. Found the Dynameter at meterplugs I like it but again seem too expensive for what it does.
Just last night while searching found a “new” one seemed to not be there a day ago (just had not found it) the Klangfreund Multimeter also looks real easy to understand (unless I don’t ) Displays clear image of PSR and they define it, which I think is what MAAT and BX are displaying, they don’t define. Price is better for me and has more functionality (tho not so interested in the faders up approach, just yet) it shows loudness, true peak, PLR (like crest) and PSR (like DR) nice display and less money. I would be interested in what you more knowledgeable people think – and I do truly hope its not offensive to find an additional answer, it just happened that way. – so much thanks https://www.klangfreund.com/multimeter/

Say What?! Do you use the BX_ Meter for its M/S mode feature? That sounds really surprising for a “meter” to have M/S mode metering and output features. I will have to watch the tutorial movies on that…? looks like it might require the bx_control plugin?