What plugins do I actually have with Cubase Pro 8?

Hi there.
I am having a huge issue with Cubase Pro 8.
Last week I bought the Retrologue 2 upgrade and for some reason I wasn’t able to activate it, since Retrologue was not on my Licenser, even though I own Cubase Pro 8 and clearly have Retrologue on it.
I called the support and they told me that it is not a full version, which really confused me. I fortunately was able to refund the money from the upgrade since I wasn’t able to activate it.
But now I am still asking myself. Is this actually a thing? Are all the plugins on Cubase 8 Pro non full versions, between trial and full verison?

I hope I can get some help here, since I can’t find the information anywhere.

Thank you very much for your help and responses in beforehand.


Hi and welcome,

In Cubase, these VSTs are kind of SE (it’s marked in HALion Sonic).

Thanks for the welcome and the reply.

So I guess that every plugin that I use in there will have to be bought separately.
I feel that this should have been written somewhere when I bought the product. I love using Cubase but this just drives me away from it a bit.

The stock plugins are given to you for free as a bonus/incentive for owning Cubase and can’t be upgraded individually. You don’t have a Retrologue license, you have a Cubase license that can run Retrologue. If you want to use Retrologue 2, you should upgrade Cubase. (which BTW has improved a lot since Cubase 8, and has better graphics performance)

The only stock plugins that can be upgraded are Padshop and VST Connect. Retrologue is already the same as the “full” version.

In the case of Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE, they’re mostly unrelated to the full versions and only offer basic functionality. 90% of their sounds are also completely different from the full versions, and are exclusive to Cubase users.

Thanks for the response. This is exactly the information I needed to know. I really appreciate it.
I will definitely buy Retrologue 2. I am really interested to test out the arpeggiator and the easy to use matrix with the drag and drop function.