What remaining bug fixes are expected in Cubase 8.5.30?

Hi -

I have Cubase 8.5 paid for and ready to be activated when Cubase 9 comes out.

I’m wondering if I should just get down to working with Cubase 8.5.20 right away then, or continue happily working on 7.5.40 until the .30 version of Cubase 8.5 gets released.I guess in my mind I’d jump right in to 8.5.20 if the only remaining reported bugs were minor ones.

Does anyone have a sense of which bugs remain in 8.5.20 to be addressed? I’ve looked at the official Cubase “Issues” subfora, but it’s difficult for me to clearly piece what is left to be addressed.

Thanks for any thoughts!

How it usually works is this:

The next big version is released. That get’s a quick fix after a couple of weeks - the reall show stoppers

Then the former version (8.5) gets its last workover and is put to bed with a nice cup of cocoa and it’s teddy.


Cubase 6.5 is rock solid for me. If I were you I’d stop at that version. I suppose you’ve got many projects to do so you don’t have any spare time to experiment installing and uninstalling new software. So better stay where you are.

Great, thanks for that.

What I’m wondering is what bugs are slated to be fixed/remain to be fixed in Cubase 8.5.20?

The tough thing is for Steinberg to decide what is a bug or a feature change. None of us know how that is defined. We wait and see…

Personally I find Cubase 8.5.20 more stable than Cubase 7.5.40
Almost as rock solid as 6.5, that reminds me I better upgrade my 6.5 before December :slight_smile:


Cubase Pro 8.5.20 works well for me on Windows 7. I would start using it to make the transition from 7.5 to 9 smoother. They did add and change a fair amount of stuff, and they dropped a lot of hints that Cubase Pro 9 will be a huge update. Apparently the Inspector will receive a redesign, the 32 bit version most likely had to be dropped due to big engine changes and/or optimizations, among other things.

Man, I hope what you are saying is true! That would make this recent-and-sometimes-frustrated Cubase convertee very happy. :smiley:

To the original post-er: On Mac C8.5.20 is super stable for me. Other important bugs will hopefully be addressed…but none of us really have any idea what those will be.