What resolution and type of screen for a 32 size

Hello, if I want to invest in a 32 size, what resolution should I choose ? 1440p ? 4K ? Wqhd?

I am a newbie at hardware just give me keywords !

Thanks !

You will get differing opinions. I have a 4k monitor and use it at full resolution with no scaling which means I get the equivalent of 4 hd monitors on it. Many like to scale though at this size monitor but still get at least the equivalent as two hd monitors.

32 Inch screen with 4K works great. (Distance eye-screen approx 80 - 100 cm)
(My choice: LG Electronics UHD 4K IPS Monitor, 80 cm, 32 inch) That’s 2160 pixel ‘high’.
1440 p is not ‘high enough’ for Cubase, especially with many Tracks …

Just one thing: older NI plug ins can appear ‘very small’ and cannot be resized. I kept an ‘old’ 22 inch screen connected to my PC for this kind of issues …

I have an AOC Q3279W5GB 32" screen (a rather low-end one but I’m still happy with it, after more than 3 years of use).

As @mkok suggested, each of us will see this differently. On my end, I have setted it with a 2560x1440 resolution (the “recommended” one). Perfect for me : this resolution is suited to my aging eyes. Honestly, I wouldn’t try 4k with a 32" screen, but maybe it’s because I’m getting old…

And how much ‘scaling’ in Windows?
(Just out of curiosity :wink: )

100 %. This, precisely to avoid any scaling issue… :slightly_smiling_face: