What’s the chances of getting the Waves VU Meter for mixing?

My essential tool for mixing the Bass and Kick together!!! This would set Cubasis apart from everyone on iOS and I personally think it would be a game changer!!!


Thanks for your message.

Of course, we would be glad to get together with Waves to release more of their great plug-ins with Cubasis. At this point we have no further infos to share unfortunately.

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@LSlowak: commercial for including Mackie protocol support for those lovely Waves plug-ins.

I own the Waves plug-ins you have a IAP for, and would love to use these quality products, but their UI on the iPad leaves a lot to be desired. Mackie support would go a long way!

Contrast their support for the IOS platform with FabFilter’s. No contest. FabFilter wins in every possible way. Waves makes great plug-ins, but it would be nice to see them give supporting the IOS UI a college try!

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I love fabfilter I actually realized after posting this instead of using a VU I can just use the Pro L2 and get a digital reading instead

@PUMP FabFilter does indeed make great plug-ins. L2 has excellent metering.

I did find a metering-only plug-in that seems to be extremely well designed. Take a look at ‎Youlean Loudness Meter Lite on the App Store.

IOS is increasingly a fertile landscape for plug-ins. We don’t have to use any makers plug-ins that don’t work for us as there are many good choices these days.