What settings do I use to print to BOTH sides of a NON auto-duplex printer with TABLOID (11x17) paper?

I don’t see the obvious choice. I thought I could tell Dorico to print all even pages, flip everything, and then choose odd but don’t see this anywhere. I see it DOES have a “Print on both sides manually” option for Duplex (and then I can suggest to “flip short side” since I’m printing in Landscape mode), but the Dorico manual seems to suggest that this only works with Spreads or 2-Up’s (whatever those are), which, when chosen, screws up what I’m trying to print. Any thoughts?

  • D.D.

You should find that simply choosing ‘Print on both sides manually’ does the right thing. You click Print, it’ll immediately tell you to flip over the paper and click OK, but obviously don’t do that: wait for the paper to stop coming out of the printer, then flip the stack and feed it back in, and then click OK.

I suggest you start with a short piece of only, say, 4 pages to make sure that you know which settings work for your particular printer before you commit to printing a big project with many pages.

I tried that. It printed all pages. The F1 help says to set it to Booklet but I can’t see how that makes sense. And if I do manage to persuade to print odd-numbered pages, then for some printers, the print order needs to be reversed when printing the even-numbered pages, for others, not. I don’t see anywhere to set this.

An option to tell Dorico to reverse the order of the pages when printing on the other side when manual duplexing is coming in the next update.

But I think you’re right, actually, that Dorico will only allow you to perform manual duplexing for actual booklet printing jobs at the moment; this is something we plan to change in future.

For the time being, although it’s a bit sad, you always have the option of exporting a PDF and then printing that from Preview or another application.

Thanks. What I actually did was print each page singly - so one thing that would be helpful to add (it’s what every other relevant program I use does) is to be able to select multiple pages in one field. I could have selected (in this instance) 1,3,5,7 then, and then 8,6,4,2. Perhaps that could that be considered too?

Sure, at some point we will certainly allow the specification of multiple ranges of pages to print.

When is the next update? As well as reverse page order, will it include selecting odd/even pages? (I find that printing from a pdf makes the margins increase (I presume there’s a setting somewhere but I’ve never found it), so I don’t really want to do that.)

In the last Discover Dorico session, John mentioned that the next update could be expected late November, and definitely before Christmas.

If you are using Preview (Adobe Reader is the same I think) to print PDFs, the margins might be larger if scaling is set to ‘auto fit’. Try putting the scale manually to 100%, and the margins should be the same.

And if you’re exporting to PDF from Dorico, then (if on macOS) ensure that you’re using Dorico’s own Graphics option, rather than opening the OSX Print dialog and selecting PDF from there.

Great - I’ll try that - thanks.