What so special about Cubase that it doesn't understand FL Studio WAV files???

I have just tried to open Drums samples in Cubase. It doesn’t want open it, why?

Example of the file GrvSnareclap08.wav

Audacity and Winamp can open it but $500 software can not??? Are you kidding me???

Media bay doesn’t see them too.

PS: jeez instead of making music I’m wasting my time on the forums, that can’t last fever :imp: :imp: :imp:

Inspect the file and you’ll see why.

Can I use MediaInfo to check these audio too?


So what’s wrong?

This isn’t a regular WAV file. It’s an Ogg Vorbis file encoded for the extremely archaic (late 90’s) Windows Audio Compression Manager. Most audio software (professional or not) will have trouble opening it.

Windows 10 doesn’t play the file natively either, as said above it is not a standard wav file, you could re save then as std wav files to open in other softwares.