what sounds can i load into Halion?

I have cubase 7.5
I have lots of old samples of strings/drum hits and other instruments. These have come from various sources like free magazine samples or cd samples etc.
Can i load them into Halion and use them? Or do i only have the choice of steinbergs’ presets that come with 7.5?
I hope not as most orchestral sounds are dire!

Thanks again!

If you are talking about HALion Sonic SE, that comes with Cubase, I don’t believe you can load ANY samples because it is merely a PLAYER. You would need the full HALion to do that. As far as the sample formats it accepts, I don’t know but that specifications should list them.

Yes it is HSSE2 that comes with 7.5
Can i tag non halion generic samples in media bay and then import them into halion racks to use on my tracks?

I don’t know how else to describe this - or is everyone just using samples from steinberg?

HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE can only play presets, so you cannot load samples. Even with the full version of HALion 5, there’s no way to create anything that can be played by anything other than HALion 5, which is a great pity.

If you only want to load one-shot samples and trigger them, have a look at Grove Agent.

Yes but HALion 5 can import a wide variety of formats. Check it’s product page for specific formats.

That’s a shame, but thanks for the info.

The sounds that come with Halion in 7.5 are pretty poor - especially strings and orchestral. It’s a lot to pay for some frankly unplayable sounds. Also forces us to buy better library’s which i didn’t think i would have to do yet.

I’m disappointed!

Just to be clear, what comes as part of Cubase is HALion Sonic SE, which is a very cut-down version of the flagship sampler HALion 5 – I would regard HSSE as little more than a “freebie”, especially seeing as there’s no way to create new sounds for it.

The full version of HALion 5 is a different beast altogether and offers a symphonic library which is actually not bad, however the product is quite expensive and really appeals more to sound designers. The vast majority of people who want to access third-party libraries will opt for Kontakt, and although HALion 5 will load unprotected Kontakt 4 format libraries, it will not load most commercial Kontakt 5 libraries – for that you need the full version of Kontakt. Look out for the special deals on Kontakt, or a cross-grade offer. You’ll still have to pay for good Kontakt libraries though.

Finally, you can still purchase HALion Symphonic Orchestra which will be playable using the “free” HALion Sonic SE. Download the 30-day trial and see if it fits your requirements.

So have now purchased HSO and wanted to ask a quick question…do i have to use expression maps every time i use an instrument? Because when i do use something, the volume always defaults to mute unless i move the pitchbend up. any easy answers to this please?!

Have also just bought komplete so looking forward to more sounds!


That’s the modulation wheel you’re moving. This post explains it a bit more:

Thank ye kindly