What specs do I need for a studio computer?

I am not up to date on the newest computer specs and I need to get a new studio LAPTOP PC…

I have to have Windows 10 and I need it to smoothly run Pro Tools, FL Studio, & Adobe Audition… I do not need it to do any super intensive video editing or gaming… it will ONLY be used for making music… I need it to be able to handle several VST plugins running without crackling or slowing down…

I do save about all of my samples, sessions, mixdowns, etc. on an external hard drive.

So what specs do I need to accomplish everything I need?

Thanks for any help!!good blog

This is the Steinberg(Cubase) forum, for ProTools go ask at the AVID forums what is required to run ProTools.

Go read the system requirements for those programs!

So you post a bunch of crap and don’t mention anything about Steinberg products then come back later to edit your post and add the spam link?

Pretty crafty …


… or not.