What steiny means?

hooo sh*t , if i knew… i wouldn’t ask at all… :blush: :laughing:

Glad you did ask, I think many of us had no idea of the urban slang associated with that short-form. Learn something new every day, they say… :sunglasses:

Ah well, it’s still a cute nickname for me. Never meant any harm and I never will.

LOL, well steiny.
(the old topic just popped up at me somehow )

I always thought it was just a shortening slang

Steiny can have a positive or negative connotation, depends where you live.

yep, like in life every thing has its positive and negative !
for me its was always like shortening/nick name , but the other “negative” according to "urban slang " was a little bit surprising and funny finding

Sternberg is a good substitute or Steiny. Means the same to me.