What steiny means?

i saw in a youtube video about steinberg product,someone bashing steinberg and use the term “steiny”.
another guy replied that he was ex steinberg employee and that the word “steiny” reminded him some old not pleasant memories from users in the forum…(he was just kidding not that serious)

so just out of curiosity and avoiding using the term myself improperly in the forum(unless i need to :wink: )
is “steiny” is a Pejorative teasing term or just a shortening slang or a nick name ?

What it means to me:

The makers of the finest Digital Audio Workstation software in the known Universe.

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It’s really just a nickname, not necessarily positive or negative.

Aloha guys,

For me it’s just fewer letters to type. :slight_smile:

I’d say that for the majority it is used in a positive way, whilst saving keystrokes… a “cute” nickname…

More a term of endearment than as insulting. That’s how I’ve taken it in context usually.

Google translates “stein” from Gernam to English as “Stone”, though its someone’s name, so that translation is not really relevant.

Karl Steinberg… Read Cubase history at https://www.steinberg.net/en/company/aboutsteinberg.html

Cheers :smiley:

It’s a term of endearment :sunglasses: !

“steiny” has fewer letters and no caps so is quicker and easier to type than “Steinberg” in my own case :mrgreen:

To me, it is the same as calling Jonathan by Johnny.

“It doesn’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that zing” No big deal

Sound like an non-issue but, I never use the term because of it’s possible implied meaning.

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Why? What might you possibly imply? :wink:

Translating Steinberg from German to English yields = Stone Mountain

Translating steiny from German to English yields = stone y

Big difference! We all know what a stone mountain is. That meaning is solid. But, what the heck is a stone y? :mrgreen:

Just google for the definition. It could be used as urban slang for… well, you search.

Like I said… it should be a non issue but, apparently it is for some. I just type “Steinberg” when I need to.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Wow, I see what you mean, I guess I wont be using that short form any more. :astonished: :open_mouth: :astonished:

I hereby declare I never used that term to bash Steinberg in any way shape or form. There, the lawyers in Hamburg can remove me from the list now. :laughing:

Whoa. :astonished: I see what you mean. just… whoa.

Well, who woulda thunk…you dirty minded gits :wink: .

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: … for crying out loud.

Do you know Cheech and Chong? :mrgreen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCXqbjo6cb0 :mrgreen:

:laughing: Well played!


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