What step am I missing? Endpoints, perc. map, etc

I created a new percussion kit instrument and created a new percussion map, endpoint configuration, etc. I added the new endpoint configuration to my playback template.

The template loads some kontakt instruments and falls back to Noteperformer. The new kit I made uses kontakt instruments.

The issue:
When I load a new player with the new instrument, Dorico adds the new Kontakt instrument VST in to the rack, but it’s not assigning the player to the newly created instrument, it’s just assigning it to Note Performer. What step did I miss?

Something that’s a little tricky about this instrument is that it’s four timbales. So I created two new timbale instruments so there would be four total. I’m using VDL for the timbales and there is only two timbales in the kit so I have two different instances loaded in a single Kontakt and each instance is pitched different so that I cna get four distinct sounds. So that means that I am using to different MIDI channels within the rack. This is confusing to explain, but basically when I load the new player, the player is linking two of the timbales to one percussion map and the other two to another percussion map.

Can you export the playback template and attach it here?

Sure! Attached. The part that I’m trying to get working is the ‘Timbales’ part of the playback template. Rototoms and Noteperformer are working correctly.

Actually, nevermind:
“Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, heic, heif, dorico, pdf, zip, mp3, mp4, cpr, npr, lua, vstpreset, xml, dmp, crash, mid, ips, midiremote, vlprj).”

Try zipping it before uploading here?

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Here you go!
Rototoms, Timbales + Noteperformer.dorico_pt.zip (40.0 KB)

The Timbales endpoint configuration includes two user-defined instruments. Are precisely those custom instruments also present in the project to which you’re trying to apply the playback template?

Yes. They are the two extra timbales. I can send you the project if that is helpful.

Yes, please do provide the project. On the face of it, provided the instruments match, it looks like it ought to be working.

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I’ll email it to you.

I ended up just recreating it and this time I manually moved over the samples in my second Kontakt instrument so that I could just use a single percussion map and a single MIDI channel to address both instruments. So I got it working for me now. Thanks!

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