What stock EQ is better for automation?

Hello, :musical_note: community! <3

I know there are two types (technologies, FIR and IIR (FFT)) of EQing, fast but less accurate and slow but more accurate. I read that one is good for fast automation and the second is good for static EQuing.

From my experience I am sure that Cubase channel’s EQ is not good for fast automation (if any automation at all), it stuttering and sound like it has stairs. And also it never works from N.1.1.0, it need some time to kick in.

So what EQ should I use for notch EQing + automation? Like people usually do in Fab Filter Pro Q.
Is frequency good for it? Or maybe Studio EQ? Or should I download some 3rd party EQs for that purpose? What would you recommend? I found GVST plugins pretty useful and simple. For example I still doesn’t know where to find clipper in Cubase, any ideas? When I understood how clipper works it totally changed my workflow. Before I was changing my dynamics only with limiters. Clipping was huge for me. And that’s becuase GCliper, the plugin I still doesn’t know any equivalent in Cubase.

Also what plugins for low\hi filtering + automation would you recommend (so it was able for fast automation as well)?

I’ve used the automation on stock EQs with no problems: fast changes in multibands, no staircase effect or stutter, no lag. Specifically, I’m using StudioEQ at the moment, but GEQ-30 works as expected too.

Maybe someone can chime in with reasons that you may be having problems? Hardware, system config, settings?

I do get artifacts from the dual filter when automating sweeps, but the morph filter works well.

For a simple filter you could try Gband from www.GVST.co.uk low cut, high cut, resonance and gain, but no bandwidth.

No noticeable side effects here with automation apart from some exotic plugins maybe… automation is somewhat dependent on your buffer setting, do a search for ‚sample accurate automation‘.