What the....Sends issues....

Hey guys and gals,

I am racking my brain here, trying to figure out why I am not getting any sound from my fx channel, when attempting to record, in Cubase 8.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong!

In past Cubase versions, I would:

  1. Create track, select appropriate audio interface input. Sound comes through.
  2. Create an FX track (Waves GTR Stomp normally for guitar).
  3. Go back to my channel, and under sends, select GTR Stomp.
  4. Arm the track, and press channel monitor, and presto! I can hear the effects of GTR!

In Cubase 8, everything works with exception to the latter part of step 4. I do everything, can hear the guitar, but no effect!

I even loaded a recording song, which comes with Roomworks, already made, can’t hear anything… I have activated it, and in desperation and the knowledge that nothing would change, selected between pre and post! It shows it is active, but no cigar!

Can any explain what j am doing wrong, please and post some instructions?

Thank you!

Hi Rockenberry,

When I am creating FX channels I usually set them up in the mix console window:
Right Click>Create fX channel. In the dialogue I choose the effect, then the pre-set with the output mix set at 100 %.
I then use the mix console window to activate each required send as well as the amount I want to send.

It works just fine for me!!

Good luck,

Jim B

You don’t say what interface you have so not sure if it’s possible but if it is, maybe you have direct monitoring turned on in Cubase 8 but not in Cubase 7.5?

I have the RME UCX.

Jim B you superstar! It works by adding an FX track specifically for the track you select, or a general one. It has to be done via the mix console.

Crisis has been averted!

Merry Christmas to all!

Glad to be of help!!

If you can “officially” thank me (the thumbs up symbol) that would be great, and a merry Christmas to you and all Cubase users!!

Thanks has been given officially!