What the? Track order in Mixer different to Arrange Window

Someone tell me what on earth is going on here, and how I fix it?


Look at the positions of Audio 06 and Audio 08 (highlighted) in the arrange window, and in the mixer window.

I thought the order was supposed to match? I don’t seem to be able to rearrange track order in the mixer…

I’ve seen another thread about this but I don’t remember the outcome if there was one… You could search for it.


Happens to me every now and then too, just drag one of the out of order tracks to another position and back, that’ll sort it.

As an extra point, I’d like to see the track order in the export window match that in the mixer. For example, if I move groups around they don’t move in the export window, I think they should.

But you’ve obviously found a bug, and it may or may not have been noted by Steinberg. So, if either of you get a repro then post it and we’ll test to confirm.


I would but my studio is down for refurbishment till the new year :cry: :stuck_out_tongue:

It happens sometimes if you have the mixer open and create folder tracks/groups or similar. As said above, if you re-arrange some of the tracks in the project window it does clear up, but it caused me a fair bit of confusion first time I saw it!

A fast workaround is to close and to reopen the mixer.

Cheers, Matze,

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Thanks all,

I believe it may have occured after I inserted some new audio tracks into the project. Moving the errant track made everything snap back into place in the mixer.

I don’t really have time to act as unpaid QA for Steinberg at the moment, especially in light of Steinberg’s attitude towards me reporting other bugs recently, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

BTW, again…
We urgently need a general overhaul of the mixer !!

Yeah! :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

This happens to me all days…


This may be off topic - i could not see the bottom of the project in the jpeg
Sometimes I manage to control the order of the tracks in the mixer using the VST folder in the project window - if you change the order here its reflected inthe mixer