What to do with Ati Bloatware

Hi guys
Recently I updated my Gpu (HD7750) and got the Ati adrenaline software with tos of stuff related to gaming, is there any way to leave only the driver?

Have a similar setup, check my sig.
you can un-check the “bloatware” while installing and only the Driver and some other components will be installed.

I have not seen an option to install only the driver (I know that there was an option like this in old installations) , it’s all or nothing according to what I saw…

I’m using adrenalin 19.12.2


sorry, I meant the 17.x Crimson ReLive Edition.

I just tried the Adrenalin 19.12.2 Version on another PC and you’re right

it seems theres no way to select the components before the installation starts.

Thanks for trying , so you now on Crimson? 17.x ?

OK, I took a little more time and updated the Drivers (and Settings Pane) over Windows Update (not the AMD Website).
At the moment Im on 19.20 and it seems theres no bloatware on the System.

Maybe its because I unchecked the bloatware in the 17.3 Installation

Everything is running fine.