What to do with .fxp files

I need help.

Ive just bought a bunch of 8 bit style samples from an online store. I have full version Cubase 6. I unzipped the samples and inside of a folder call “HALION” theres a bunch pf files with a .fxp extension. _There is also a folder called samples that houses all of the wave files.


Ive tried importing these files into HALionOne with no success. Not even notification of failure.

I then tried loading them into HALionSonic SE but there was no option to load the .fxp file type. I also tried dragging the file onto One of HALionSonics SE’s banks, but that didnt work either. Ive read the documention but that not really helping me

What I need to know

  1. Is there a special location where I place my .fxp files to make sure there noticed by HalionOne or HalionSonic SE
  2. Am im doingsomething wrong when I try to import these files.
  3. If you choose to help me out please consider being as precise as possible as Im not very experienced with the HalionOne or Halion Sonic SE interfaces. I’ve mostly used Groove Agent_


I believe the samples are for the HALion Sampler, which is sold separately from Cubase.

HalionOne has an option to import them though.


Generally if nothing happens on an import of an fxp/fxb it is incompatible.

Maybe you could try and sample conversion program such as chickensys

The samples themselves are .wav files. I believe the .fxp contains information to replay the samples at the correct pitch within halion, Are you saying convert the wav samples or the .fxp and if so, what format should I convert it/them to?

You can’t import HALion fxp files into HALionOne. Your fxp’s are for HALion and HALion Player. They can also be imported into HALion 4.