What to Download/Install from Download Assistant for Pro 11

After I have updated to Pro 11, it is not clear what else needs to be downloaded/installed? Readme does not throw any light.

  1. SpectraLayer One was supposed to be installed
  2. What about Groove Agent 5, for standalone, do I need to install 2 recommended downloads?
  3. Will be helpful to know what is the long list (see attached) with some optional, others recommended … for those new to Cubase Ecosystem


I would recommend to install Grove Agent SE 5.0.30. In Cubase 10.5, there was Groove Agent 5.0.20, so you get an update. With the Groove Agent SE 5, you get some more content comparison to Cubase 10.5.

Standalone Groove Agent 5, I learned, is a separate product. For $179 … so will pass on that, for now

All the downloads under CB11 are part of the program and free if you purchased it. So also the GA5 SE version. GA5 Pro is the paid version and is offered as a separate download under VST Instruments & Plugins.

At least download and install the ‘required and recommended’. This will give you full functionality in CB11. Afterwards you can always see if you want/need the ‘optional’ content?


To be precise… All of the components are part of Chinese (Pro) license , so you can use all of them in Cubase with Cubase Pro license.

If you download all you can see on the Cubase Pro 11 on the Steinberg Download Assistant, you get the same what you got with the Full Installer in the past.

Apologies in advance as I posted this enquiry in the GA forum first but no reply there as yet.
I am using Cubase10.5.20 Pro. I will hold off on 11 until later. I have updated GA5. Can I/should I update GA5 SE using the file in the download assistant’s Cubase 11 page? Or is this tied to the Cubase 11 license only?


Good question… There is also an update of Groove Agent 5.0.30. If you would install this one, this would update your Groove Agent SE to 5.0.30 version too. So I would say, this is non-paid update and you can install Groove Agent SE 5.0.30 from any installed you choose.