What to think about when building larger Templates?

I’m building a template with a little more VSTi and VST stuff than usual. A lot more. Why? Because I can! :mrgreen:

Does it help to have most VSTi instances turned off in the template and only turn them on while using them?
Like REALLY help, not just say a 7% increase but more like twice as many plugins.
Yes I know it’s a “how long is a string” kind of a question, but IYKWIMAITYD!

Anything else to think about or to avoid?
Anything that is required reading or watching when it comes to CPU saving stunts?

The real goal is to get rid of the last silly procedures of loading stuff over and over and THEN do a lot of setting and THEN try to … make some music!
I want to make music NOW !!! :laughing: :sunglasses:

One way to have a huge template with little resources is by disabling instrument tracks, so those tracks don’t use CPU and RAM. Then you can enable them when needed.

If turning off/deactivating a VSTi keeps it running and in memory then I can’t imagine there being much benefit.