What Triggers the "Serious Error" message

I am trying to troubleshoot why every time I instantiate one Drumagog5 plugin in a project I get a “Serious Error” message and a direction to save the project to a new name and retart Cubase.

This only happens with Drumagog 5 software. The Drumagog specialist says he can’t reproduce the error using Cubase at their company and he says their engineers discussed this specific error with Steinberg engineers and said Steinberg engineers were no help when they tried to discuss it.

So, I 'm wondering if anybody knows what usually trigers this Cubase “serious error” message.

I’ve had problems with iLok and Cubase and my sound card with Cubase, but have always been able to troubleshoot the problem and fix it. This one I can’t troubleshoot and fix. So, I’m coming here as a last resort.

Cubase 8 has been running great for years. This is just an isolated problem.

Thanks to anybody with information!

Try the Cubae 9 trial and see if it’s fixed there? Maybe he couldn’t reproduce it because he wasn’t on an older version.

He told me he couldn’t reproduce it on Cubase 8.

Anybody know what triggers the Serious Error message?

I don’t, but it’s worth seeing if it’s fixed in C9.

(Also, I love my typo there :p)