What version of Win7 64 bit should I choose?

Happy me! I just landed a new composing gig giving me the oppertunity to finally go 64 bit.

I’ll need a new DAW with lots of RAM, and of course I’ll be buying Windows 7 64 bit. But what version of Windows 7 should I choose for optimal use as a DAW?

Maybe I don’t need the most expensive version? Or maybe I do?

Any recommendations?

I’d sure like to hear about your experinces with Win7 64 bit and Cubase (I should probably upgrade from C5 to C6 also?)


I use Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and it works great! Hope this helps.


Here are the specs for all editions of W7.


I’d say that it’d make sense to choose the one with the smallest footprint that still has the features you need.

i.e. don’t buy the fattest bloated version just because it’s the ‘top’ one, if you don’t actually need any of the extra functionality.

From what I’ve seen, the ‘extra’ stuff in the ‘top’ version(s) is mainly related to business usage - security/encryption/large network… so not really relevant to studio use.

Oh, and if you’re going 64 bit - make damn sure that all your hardware and software supports 64 bit!

Pro, Utimate and Enterprise support more physical memory up to 192GB and up to 2 Physical CPUs, other releases support less memory and are limited to one physical CPU.