What video format?

What video format is cubase accepting? I tried avi, mpeg 1 and 2, mov, and mp4. None are accepted.

fyi, I routinely drop .mp4 video files into my Cubase projects, so I would expect that to work.

I’d like to know as well. I can’t get anything to work so often I stopped trying.

No, dropping or importing any kind of format doesn’t work.

mp4 worked for me as well.

Perhaps it is a problem of the video encoding format. Things like H264 or H265. From what I know, MP4 is only a container, which can carry video in different formats.

LG, Juergi


I have no problems with mp4 H264 and mov prores.

open your video in VLC. Then press CTRL+j (tools -> codec information), this will display the codec information. Convert to H264 or other compatible codecs mention in the Steinberg link above

As mentioned, MP4s with H264 codec should work fine. The H265 codec is not I believe currently supported.