What vst info is saved in the project file?

I am having to move my entire setup to another computer (too many blue screens to try and fix). Most of the process is just a matter of time and hassle, but the bit I am concerned about most is opening up projects on the new system to find synth settings not working. So, the question is; does Cubase store the patch name or the whole setup of the patch? Or, if I don’t get the presets lined up the same for each vst synth on the new system as the current, will I lose ‘sounds’.

The synths I am mainly referring to (where I have modified presets) are Spire, Serum, Massive.

(Currently doing ‘backup project’ and exporting the mix down for every channel for all my projects!)


As far As I know, this is on the VSTi side. Cubase just asks: give me “this” patch.

The project saves a snapshot of any changes made to a preset within the project…not sure if it will automatically save the preset if not elsewhere on the computer though.

So if you modify a factory preset and save the project it will load fine on any computer with the instrument (and factory presets installed)

But if you are modifying presets and saving them as new presets then of course you’ll need to move the presets over from the VST3 Presets folder.

Thanks guys,

It is as I thought (but of course, hoped not) to be the case. I have saved all channels separately, so I will just need to be careful in making sure all presets come across and then I should be fine. For the future, I think I will resave all presets (modified or not) into a new ‘bank’ for each track with the right name.

It’s the usual thing. The last thing you want to do once a track is complete is to do the ‘admin’. I want to just get onto the next track. Thanks again. Appreciate it…