what WAS that vst package Steinberg sold?!?!..

Getting my last tax return of my life as I just retired; with it, I would like to buy the 9.5 pro from Steinberg BUT I also want to get the VST add on package they were selling a few years ago for it. I forgot the name of it; thought I had it book marked in my Cubase folder.

  1. It was about $1000.00 dollars…

  2. Had every imaginable sound / instrument in it - great hammond modules, great classic synths…

  3. Will it work with 9.5 pro?

Anybody remember the name of it; need to begin the construction of my DAW since I now have PLENTY of time on my hands!!


That sounds like the Steinberg Absolute VST collection. It’s only $499:

Combined with the Cubase Pro content you get over 7000 presets.

Yeah!! That was it - Absolute!! “Absolutely” all I need - including that awesome Model C organ emulation!! Great for blues / boogie-woogie / campmeeting time!! Thanks!! Will order when tax return comes in. Glad the price has dropped, too!! More with less as the saying goes!

Thanks again!!!..