What we need in Cubase 11


  • GUI improvement
  • Waveform anti-aliasing.
  • Professional metering and visuals (faster fallback speed/more than 40db/s, Pro Tools speed, non gradient).
  • Moving tracks in mixer.
  • Warping on arrangement window/tracks.
  • Better fonts/colors.
  • Ability to turn on and off grid lines in arrangement window.
  • Multi-track free warp
  • Nudging of events and midi notes by specific musical or time values by key command and nudge tools (without the use of logical editor and independent of quantize grid).
  • Proper EUCON support (reflect hidden tracks on surfaces, Avid Dock automation buttons reflect Cubase state, etc.)
  • Gapless audio engine
  • Folder group tracks (folder tracks fold/reflect in mixer)
  • Range selection edit on event gain/envelopes (PT style clip gain)
  • Stereo plugins on mono tracks.
  • Pro Tools Beat Detective type solution (Cubase can already do hitpoints and then slice events. Then one can quantize those slices or events. However doing a crossfade or close gaps without time stretch is unreliable. We need a Beat Detective-type conform functionality–the tools already exist in Cubase.
  • Range selection edit on tempo track.
  • Ripple Editing
  • Ability to show only event name or event description—not both. Or events follow track names exactly always. Also event names to be tabbed thinly so they don’t overlap waveforms (see Logic or Cubase 5?)
  • Tabbed VST views
  • Slicing in sampler track
  • Smooth playhead cursor and zoom/scrolling (see Logic Pro X, also a preference for blinking playhead locator like Pro Tools that works with the range tool/playhead only appears on playback and record)
  • Full screen windows on MacOs
  • .Bak Files Separate Folder
  • Autosave Enhancement (See UA Luna)
  • Rename Plugins
  • Rework of Macro system (scripting language, perhaps record macro moves/process live then save as preset?)
  • Inspector icons/workflow enhancement.
  • Disable Mouse Fader Movement In MixConsole
  • Elastic band in midi editor like Ableton
  • Improved markers display/visuals
  • Drum editor and key editor enhancement (patterns).
  • Triplets and swing grid in warping
  • Better way to import and store swing/groove Q presets.
  • LFOs/VST modular routing.
  • Ableton Link support
  • Ableton style Session window/clips player/ideas mode
  • Paid 500 series type options for channel strip. Perhaps an even deeper Console 1 integration with strips.
  • Maybe a hardware controller for Groove Agent (see PreSonus or NI)
  • A way to edit transient settings on elastique algorithms. Etc.

Wrong section, and I´m pretty sure this has been posted before. Use the already made thread to make it come up again.

Cubase 11?

Probably a few years too late for input

It’s a good list though. It’s got a load of stuff I want from Cubase 11.

this might be the most wage feature request ever :smiley:

Who wouldn’t want GUI improvements if it is better what we already have?

Here, check this post of mine out:

I’ve explained it in detail and there has been much discussion on this topic. :slight_smile:

This list… Maybe in Cubase 111 :wink:

I hope not! :laughing:

Gapless audio engine…

Well, i hope you know that DAWs with gapless engine like Logic, doesn’t recalculate the latency compensation when you add or remove plugins until you stop the playback. So yes its gapless but the tracks will not be in time until stop/start playback.

This is a dream list… fingers crossed many of these will have made cubase 11

Duplicate thread, same post from same OP…
:arrow_right: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=198&t=179618

Nice list of features, but why start another identical thread?
(The former one was moved to the Lounge, but then it was moved for a reason.)

Most of these features are well known requests. I could add at least 20 more that’s not in this list, but they are all well known anyway.
If there is something that’s not already known, you’d better make a new request separately for that.

If there is somehting that you think should be really prioritized, you’d better speak about those prioritizations. There are tons of suggestions, they simply can’t implement everything at once, it all comes down to prioritizations (and technical aspects).

The old thread was moved because apparently lists of features are not allowed in a post–but that rule is not really enforced as there are a few threads in the feature request section right now that have never been moved.

I wish they would have moved the old thread to General rather than the Lounge (not much action there and loads of Cubase users and power users miss the thread).

I must add that most of these suggestions should already have been part of 10.5. They are not ground breaking Steinberg exclusives or bullet points for marketing (well, at least, not for non-professional users). And yes, I know. I’ve originally posted many of these suggestions individually.

Please feel free to add suggestions.

Sure. One click option!

Nothing much then , im sure they can implement your small list in 10.5.60

I’d be extremely happy if they

A) found a way of incorporating the Frequency plug into the channel strip EQ.
(So the little EQ curves on the mixer corresponded to that, rather than the basic 4 band EQ).

B) Improved the GR metering on the mixer. At the minute it’s a tiny thing at that can’t be colour edited in the meter brige.
Would be better if it was also by the faders ala Pro Tools.
Also, the peak GR indicator (orange dot) only works on the basic stock compressor, not for the vintage or tube stock compressors.

Having 3rd party plugs work with all the above would be smashing too, but I’m trying to be realistic.

40 items. 5 per year = 8 years. We’ll have them all in Covid Pro 15.5.

+1 for GR metering and enhanced EQ.

Why are you creating a new thread? Most of your list I could care less about over things not listed on your list.

Especially end of August when Cubase 11 is just months away from release? not very realistic and your list is missing a lot of important stuff.

FIY, the devs don’t focus on these kinds of lists, they do more damage than good.

There is a much more reasonable thread here https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=285&t=179753 the reason it wasn’t removed or moved, is because it’s reasonable and logical, and a case is made as to why the list of three things is globally important across the Cubendo community.


hahaha :wink: