What Windows "Services" SHOULD NOT be running?

Wondering what “Windows Services” should not be running in Windows 7 Professional SP1 so Cubase can run good? Maybe suggestions for some good “Windows 7 optimization for audio” sites? Thanks

Genereally you don’t want to open up your task manager and screw around with your services and processes. It’s always a good idea to disable your active network adapter under your control panel (as we know wifi services hog some serious CPU). If you aren’t noticing any problems, it’s a good idea to stop there. Disable the wrong service and you are seconds away from a computer crash.

I’ve never had a crash from disabling services, but I remember disabling some back in the day and running into a non-working scenario that was not an obvious fix. (i.e. Oh, yeah, just re-enable that service I disabled 18 months ago) Harmless, until you can’t print or have no internet, or whatever. There are a few in there though that you’d probably never need. On a modern computer they wouldn’t be taking up CPU cycles (until you actually use them) so much as using a super tiny fraction of the RAM you should have in your computer.

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Thanks for the info. i’ll give the Sweetwater address a go. Thanks again.

Have you checked out PreSonus website. They have an article about optimizing Windows Vista or Windows 7 for Music Production. http://www.presonus.com/community/learn/musicians/optimization-guide-for-vista.


Thanks for that info. :sunglasses:

You guys remember the Windows XP registry tweaks? Anything like that for Windows 7? Or, is Win 7 pretty much tweaked and optimized already for the most part? Thanks again! :sunglasses:

I think Windows 7 is pretty much straight from the get go. If you are using a SSD there are a few things you want to make sure are disabled, but if the SSD is there when you install the OS the tweaks should be made for you. I would say if you aren’t experiencing any abnormalities, don’t go fixing something that isn’t broken. I’ve been running 64-Bit Windows 7 on both my main desktop machine and my laptop for the past couple of years and love it.