What You Gave

Here’s one of my originals that I just ran through LANDR. Hope you enjoy! Any comments and critiques are very welcome as I am not apposed to tweaking it a bit. Still new at this!

Hi, I was going to listen to this, but I would have had to sign up, and I never heard of this site, so I am quite wary. Do you have it anywhere else that’s public? Would love to listen.

It’s asking for a sign in…

Whoops, sorry about that! :blush:
Well, I don’t know of any other way to share it, before I post it on YouTube. When I try to just drag the file in, it says “invalid format”. :cry: Something I am missing?
Well, I’m gonna try my hand at making a simple music video with this song…so I’ll be sure to post the result!

Signed in, listened.
The guitars sound super-nice. Did you use pre-recorded samples for drums?

Hey, thank you! Sorry for the SUPER late reply…
All the drums were made with Groove Agent (some of the more repetative parts were preset grooves that I modified a little).