What You'll Get From Me

My attempt to emulate Jagger/Richards. Which should make you appreciate Jagger/Richards :laughing:


Never let you down – my love can’t be found
And my tender kiss – is something you won’t miss
Bored you’ll never be – since you won’t have me
You’ll get all the best – but not my sweet caress

What you’ll get from me, is something you cannot see
You’ll have no regrets, ‘cause we have never met
Soon as I forget, that’s what you’ll get from me

I will never leave – cause we will never be
Never work things out – that’s what I’m talkin’ about!
Now baby you can do, whatever you want to
Since you won’t know me, and I sure as hell won’t you


See the spark in my eyes – burn away every the tear I’ve cried


Bloody excellent…you’ve captured the 60’s vibe perfectly, just loved the backing track…vocal could’ve done with being doubled here and there but I really enjoyed this track…

Just Fab!!

best,Kevin :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Nice one Doug ,hope you were doing the “moves like Jagger” ha ha . guitar work sounds authentic Stone`s type style .when the solo was going on the rhythm in the background sounded great, it reminded me of Lynyrd Skynyrd, wow try spelling that while stood on one leg. good one.

Thanks for the listen, gents. Thing is, trying to emulate Jagger gives me new appreciation for his talent, because I don’t think this comes anywhere close. But it has kinda grown on me :sunglasses:

LOL – 200+ listens – and thank you for each one – and just two comments. That must mean it really SUCKS :laughing:

no…it means this forum is not what it used to be…people are posting and just can’t be bothered to be part of the community…they just wanna promote their own and go…

Oh. Well, given that I have posted a couple tunes lately, and have a few more in the works, I am trying to jump start my participation; I will also start auditioning tunes with more frequency

you’ve always been a good member of this forum…good luck…

I can’t get it to play right now; I’ll try again later.

My fault; I uninstalled flash player, without realizing that Soundclick uses it.

Anyway, listening to your track, I’d say you really nailed the guitars for the Stones. Which is 90%, as long as you ignore Mr. Jagger! Drums don’t sound exactly right to me; I think it’s the snare that needs to be punchier (meaning more compressed and short with less ring). But this is not a major comment. And the overall mix needs to be somehow more mushed up, meaning more master bus compression limiting loudness etc… I’m no expert on this…
I think you made a good effort on the Mick vocals, kudos to you!

Good song, Doug! Like others said: you captured the vib quite well and, for a second, I thought it was actually Mick singing it!

My comments on the mix itself are below:

  1. The lead vocal seems reedy and thin. As a result, it’s not sitting forward enough in the mix. You could push it up by 1 dB or more. EQ may also help solve the issue, but I have no idea what could be done in EQ off the top of my head.

  2. There’s a tad too much reverb on the snare, which may be the reason why Early21 said it isn’t punchy enough. I like the long tail on the reverb in terms of adding depth, so maybe making the insert more dry will help.

  3. The bass is lacking presence. (Out of curiosity: is it live or a VST?) This is likely a combination of it not being loud enough plus EQ. Assuming it is recorded in mono, bumping up 100 Hz by 2 -3 dB using a bell shape with a Q of about 1.8 should really add some oomph to it.

  4. The rhythm guitar in the right channel seems to be using a spring reverb on it. There’s a lot of “bounce” to the reverb, giving it a partly reverb / partly echo feel to it. This is muddying up that track, and adding a fair amount of aural confusion to the mix.

All in all, it’s a great track!

yes it does have the 60 ties vibe. The guitar sound and slightly laid back timing of the solo is also a bit george harrison style, fits in nicely. The mix is balanced , could maybe us a lttle more dynamics/ rougher style. Fot the sixties it is very clean.
No comment on the singing , i would not even think of trying myself, so well done. :smiley:

“You’ll have no regrets
Cos we never met…”

What a hoot.

The spring reverb is way cool.

Sounds like it was a lot of fun Doug.

Mick Djzaggur. :smiley:

Thanks for the comments, lads. The spring (and plate) monaural reverbs were deliberate attempts to capture that 60’s sound…and yes, the bass is live. If you listen to some of those old recordings, especially before about 1968 or so, the snare has GOBS of reverb on it, so not sure how to fix that, except making it more modern/punchier might defeat the purpose. I’ll revisit this in the next few days however with your comments in hand :sunglasses:

Listening some more to this, early is right, the snare is kinda blah.

Just catching up on what I’ve missed after several months absence
Very 60’s and you do sound like Jagger at times. Captured the era perfectly. Others have commented on the mix better than I could, so let’s just say I enjoyed it a lot.