What'd you get?

:sunglasses: Pics of the new house and studio then? :slight_smile:

We’ve thought about moving and then thought about moving all our stuff. :laughing:

This year I got a nice pair of shoes, a bottle of scotch, some stella, ‘The Pacific’ on dvd, a mixed case of red wine and a little cash which I am going to get the UAD Fairchild with before the sale ends.

Doug, congrats once again.

My girlfriend gave me a Kindle

It doesn’t take much to turn a guy’s head. :mrgreen: :sunglasses:

Congratulations to you and her. She obviously has a fine eye for quality.

Either that or she’s blind as a bat. :wink: :laughing: :mrgreen:

Congrats, Doug. :sunglasses:

Yeah, I absolutely loathe moving. Each place has been bigger than the last and there’s always that tendency to fill the available space, consequently more and more stuff too move!

My new studio is actually smaller than previously but its a MUCH better shape. The last room was almost cubicle… this one is more like a triangle shape with 2 corners cutoff, so essentially no parallel walls. Perfect! :slight_smile: Its just about all set up now… just need some longer cables for my ‘studio1’ mixer and hang a couple of my acoustic panels up and then I’ll be ready to rock ‘n’ roll once more! :smiley:

I can do pics… soonish… :wink:


more like a triangle shape with 2 corners cutoff, so essentially no parallel walls.

I know that builder - sue the bastard :laughing:

@ Mashedmitten

I like your new sig. Fed up with helping all these newbies who haven’t read the manual? :stuck_out_tongue:

Fed up with the demanding to be spoon-fed crap-ola. That and telling someone to trash prefs and they can’t even see the link in my sig. Time to sour the milk and kick them off the teat. :wink:


Ditto on that! Congratulations :slight_smile:

The holidays brought a huge party at my joint which was awesome, expensive to host though. I think we spent $500 on food and other things and had 50-60 people over with musicians playing till the following morning. Growing real close to my girlfriend and we have been talking about converting her barn (an old dary farm with uber cool vibe and I can hear the acoustics already) into a music/art studio which would mean I would move the studio 10 miles and probably rent out my house. As far as “things” received, I received an iPad, Slate VCC plugins, a soundtoys plug and Lori put together a special gift for me, a spiritual package of sentimental items she has gathered from her life travels. Aces.

Last year was great. I have been doing a lot of work for a production company (1st cable TV series I have done called “I Hate My Bath”) which was at first odd dialing in a producer through google voice to produce the VO/actor and had a bunch of album releases, toured the U.S. playing in a band and now have the first album of this year framework laid out and we start the recording at the end of this month. Looking forward to what this year brings.

Now, to find an app for this iPad thingie to remote control my rig so I can keep the Tranzport in the small room where it receives the best connection since it is closer to the control room.

Ever find out who wrecked your guitar?

Sure did and it is being replaced. Have a look on my Facebook page. The security camera footage video is posted there B-)

Cool, Tom. That really bummed me out. :sunglasses:

Congratulations! Welcome to the club! :laughing: :sunglasses:

Oh, and happy birthday! :mrgreen:


I’ve got a “new” Atari 1040 STE :sunglasses:



Now, that’s cool!

New??? As in, brand new and not ever used?

If so, that is very very kool.

Hardly used

So thats only Very Kool then :mrgreen:

No kidding!

Congrats, Doug. > :sunglasses:

Thanks everybody!

I’m scared sh1tless!