What's a Synth Channel?

In the preferences to set the mixer channel colors one of the items listed is a Synth Channel in addition to MIDI and Instrument channels. Anyone know what that is?

Interesting whenever I’ve found stray bits like that left around something new is being built. You might not see it straight away mind. I could be wrong and it could be part of another program like Nuendo or even Sequel that uses the same code base that stuck around in a template or whatever they use for programming.

Good catch.

New feature but not implemented?

Multi-output instrument track?

This same sorta thing happened in the latest Halion 4.5.3 update too. There is an icon listed in the zones page for a grain oscillator, when its clicked on however, nothing happens and it disappears when other zones become open.

I don’t care about an instrument track, … multi-out track templates would rock.

EDIT: I worded that poorly twice. I just mean I want multi-track and multi-out templates. I would rather have it for MIDI/VSTi instead of instrument style. But, I’d take it if it was done with an instrument track.

Ding, ding, ding - we have a winner :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Loaded Halion4 into the VST rack and 2 faders are added to the mixer - “Halion4” is the color set for MIDI and “master” is the color set for the synth channel. Oddly on the drop down menu in the mixer that lets you see/hide channels based on channel type synth does not appear as an option.