What's an ordinary noise floor level?

Hi folks, I seem to be getting a lot of unwanted noise in my recording and just was curious as to how it compares to other peoples. This is recorded into cubase 7 with an AKG 414 through a neve 1073 pre in a virtually silent room.

I’d be massively grateful to hear your thoughts,

Dave Gerard

hum 4 by davegerard, on Flickr

I am getting a very similar noise . I have been tracking it down and I believe it is narrowed down to ac line noise since I have moved the equipment to a different room with a different electrical circuit feed.

I noticed it more visually on the meters but now that I have seen it, I can hear it more.

Is this a recording of your room? If so, you need to measure it with an SPL meter instead.

My studio used to read ~45dB SPL A weighted before I added more treatment and removed my computers from the control room. Now it reads below 30dB SPL A weighted. I don’t know exactly what it is since my meter doesn’t go below 30dB, but I assume it’s somewhere ~25dB SPL A weighted. This is considered pretty good for a home studio, but pro studios can go even lower than that.