Whats going on HALIon

nothing new going on with HALion , I sent issues in that were verified that was a year ago.
Groove agent is getting a lot of new content, seams like two a month but no new content for HALion
or bug fixes

this has got to change I would love to just use HALion :open_mouth: :imp:

indeed Halion seems like the neglected child :ugeek:
but hopefully in near future we will see some Love to Halion from steinberg according to the last survey about virtual instruments. Halion 5.5 or 6 maybe ?

While I own halion I really gave up a few years ago by purchasing kontakt 5.
Still have halion but no use for it at the moment.

It’s a shame the industry didn’t pick halion up and gave us wonderfull libraries.

Exactly my experience too. It’s just another waste of money on a Steinberg product.

Really not sure why they need to do a survey we wanted this from the beginning

It really really needs custom macro’s and a better way to distribute presets as a group. Also needs some bug fixes and a few more filter types. Some scripting would be nice too.

the industry DID pick up Halion, it was the industry leader at Halion 3.

then Steinberg dropped the ball and never updated it, or paid it any attention, and Kontakt came along and updated and updated and just passed it. And instead of Steinberg updating Halion 3 and fighting to keep it the industry standard, they did…nothing. Nada. Zero. For many years.

By the time they released Halion 4 the industry had already changed to Kontakt and Steinberg were simply …too late.

Classic example of having the industry in the palm of your hand and screwing it up. Nonetheless i still support Halion and have updated to Halion 5 and i really like it. But its too late now for Halion to be the leader, the horse has bolted. Shame. But its still a nice complement to Cubase.

i have a feeling there will be a Halion 6 and it will be included in the Cubase package. They cannot keep selling a DAW without a built in sampler forever. Ableton and Logic etc all come with samplers as standard. So i think the future for Halion is with Cubase package.

Yes I love HALion and agree they should included in Cubase get rid of the SE stuff
i hate SE