Whats going on with the Steinberg Download Assistant?

Really am I missing something? Supposed the downloader downloads the app and then it will be me who will run the installer, choose the directory when I want to get installed.
Now it downloads and silently installs the application to a fixed path.

Am I missing something? How can i STOP this silent installation? I want to install the program to a path of my choice to keep organizing things

Talking windows? Or Mac?
There is a standard location for apps to be installed. - has always been this way for programs.
Or are you talking about content, like sound libraries, etc.?
You can move the libraries with the library manager tool (downloadable!) .
hth, Ernst

I am talking for the software as cubase and wavelabs for example.
if i run the Cubase_11.0.20_Installer_win.exe file myself, i have the option to choose installation path BUT when i download it from the Download Assistant, automatically runs the installation silently to a fixed path…


Where did you set this up? You can setup, where to download the installer, but not, where to install it. Or am I wrong?

If you run the Steinberg Download Assistant, it downloads the (for example) Cubase and installs it without asking you where to install and the other typical questions.

If you go to the downloads path, and run the exe file, you have the normal installer which you can modify the path and other options.

The problem is that as i mentioned, Steinberg Download Assistant downloads the file and runs the installation automatically and silently now. It was not like this before. So you cant catch it before it installs the software…


I see, so you are complaining about the auto-install feature. You would like, the Steinberg Download Assistant just download the application and you would install it manually. Do I understand you right?

Btw, it’s not really recommended to install Cubase “anywhere”. Officially only the system C drive is supported for Cubase.

You would like, the Steinberg Download Assistant just download the application and you would install it manually.’

Exactly that Martin. I think that it has been changed recently. Just to download and stop as it was before

That has not changed here, I just tried it. The Button to Download changes to Install when downloaded and to Re-Install once installed. I could not find anyway to change that.